Maureen Rolls 
Angel and Animal Communicator

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Animal Communication

My work with animals has been my soul journey and I have been able to communicate with animals all my life. This has enabled me to help thousands of animals worldwide.

Zack and Freddie

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What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication involves being able to talk to animals telepathically. Whilst in the animal's energy I am able to feel what they are feeling and pick up on any ailments, plus any behavioural problems that they may have. Animals can also give me visions, and I can give them visions by means of still pictures, like looking at a photo or watching a film. They can also at times give me what they tasting (not always so pleasant!)

How do Animals Communicate with us?

Animals are always communicating with their owners, but the owners can not hear them. The owners usually have a gut feeling that their animal is trying to talk to them, but are not sure what is being said. 


How do we Communicate with our Animal Friends?

Humans communicate with their animals verbally, with body language and hand signals to convey their message to their animal The human brain works out what we want to say and this comes out as speech. Your animal, meanwhile, has heard what you are thinking, and what you are going to say before you have spoken to them. This is true communication. 


"Maureen has been totally amazing and totally transformed my life and the life of Vilma our Deaf rescue dog. Vilma would not be the happy, relaxed, affectionate dog that she is now, if we had not contacted Maureen. She has helped me to understand Vilma, what was worrying her, what I should do to help her and how to understand her. We owe all of Vilma's progress to Maureen. One year on, I have the most amazing dog ever.......and I owe it all to Maureen. I can not recommend her enough......."


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