Maureen Rolls 
Angel and Animal Communicator

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Energy and Spirit Cleansing

Another aspect of my work is to clear unwanted spirits, energy and entities. These energies can attach themselves to humans, animals and objects. There can be many reasons why these energies can affect you or your family's health, and your animals behaviour. The usual sign is your dog or cat staring at one area with their hackles up, growling, cowering, or even refusing to go into a certain room. Other signs are lights or TV flickering for no reason, and electrical equipment  being temperamental when the electrician can find nothing wrong.

Sometimes renovating a house can reactivate old energies and cause problems for the occupants of the home.

I work with the Archangels to remove this problem by sending them to the light and to bring back the tranquillity to your home, family and animals. At times the really bad entities will try to fight this to stay, but the Archangels working through me are wonderful at dealing with this issue. I can call at your home or use a diagram of your home to eliminate the spirit or entities that are the problem.


My prices are charged on a hourly basis with any traveling cost added.

Treatment - £35 

Travelling Cost - Please telephone me to discuss fuel cost as it will depend on where you live. You will not be obligated to arrange anything when you telephone.

Bacs:  Email me for details.

Cheque - On the day of the treatment.


Pay Pal - Avoiding Fee: If paying by Pay Pal and want to avoid the fee, send a 'friend to friend'payment to my email address; from your Pay Pal account.

Pay Pal - With Fee: Click the button below to process your payment (3.8 % fee added).

If you would like to talk to me about any of  the payment options, please don't hesitate to  click contact 


£35 Treatment Cost

 £20 Travel Costs

£50 Travel Costs

£100 Travel costs